This is a bad place for fans of George W Bush

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Welcome to Trade Secrets!

We did our first show today, after three takes, it was a bit of a burnout, but we're rolling now. Now I have to get the RSS 2.0 feed configured, even though Manila doesn't have direct support for enclosures. (Postscript: Got it done. Now I have to do the user interface, but the backend part works. Jake let me know if you want the code.)

A picture named f16.gifThe first day got an email from a fan saying that Dave knows his tech stuff, but he hopes I won't say the same things about President George W Bush on Trade Secrets that I say on Scripting News. I responded with a disclaimer, you don't want to listen to this if you're voting for President W. Or, if you're smart, you should listen to it. Never hurts to get another point of view. But we're not nice guys, or overly sensitive to the feelings of Republicans. ;->

Okay so Kerry changes his mind. We'll work on that after he's elected. Bush is much worse. He does crazy illogical and super-dangerous things. He should change his mind, the problem is he doesn't.  Anyway, we think Bush will make a great former President and look forward to throwing a great going-away party for him on November 3. 

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